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23 February 2022

The Institute for Asbestos Management Professionals

Welcome to the Asbestos Management Institute (AMI), the professional body for the asbestos management industry to recognise and promote best practice in all aspects of asbestos management.

 AMI (formally ARMI) is pleased to announce the Institute‚Äôs new format and membership opportunities for professionals in asbestos removal, analysis, consultancy and management.

 The Institute has seven grades of membership which are open to those individuals engaged in the professions relating to the removal and/or management of asbestos. The main professions are those of asbestos removal manager, asbestos project manager, asbestos removal supervisor, asbestos analyst, asbestos surveyor and asbestos consultants.

 AMI is about recognising and promoting effective asbestos management therefore members are encouraged to develop a culture of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so improving their knowledge and skills, and enhancing competencies. As an AMI member there will be many opportunities for development activities and the Institute has developed a portal where members can record and manage their CPD activities.

 The Asbestos Management Institute aims to become the centre of excellence for asbestos management Industry professionals, encouraging like-minded people to interact in the pursuit of exemplary standards of asbestos management.

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