About Us

Asbestos Management Institute

The professional body for the asbestos management industry to recognise and promote best practice in asbestos management.

Our Mission

AMI requires its members to pursue exemplary standards of leadership and management. Members are encouraged to develop a culture of continuous improvement and to demonstrate competency.

Our Vision

To become the centre of excellence for asbestos management Industry professionals, encouraging like-minded people to interact in the pursuit of exemplary standards of asbestos management.

Our Objectives & Aims

As a professional institute we aim to advance the knowledge and practice of asbestos management through supporting, regulating, and promoting professional standards for technical and ethical competence. We also aim to raise standards across asbestos management.


There are serious risks associated with exposure to asbestos, so an ongoing objective is to increase the understanding of the risks and how to manage those risks. And so protect the public interest with regards to asbestos.


The Asbestos Management Institute is overseen by The Council of Management. There are also two focussed sub-committees with specific objectives, such as looking at and providing technical advice. More information on these sub-committees can be found here


The Institute has a number of grades of membership for which professionals in asbestos removal, analysis, consultancy and management can apply for, and a membership CPD scheme to support continuous development and improvement. Learn more