Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a way of improving and broadening your knowledge and skills. It is about learning and putting into practice new competencies, an investment in your future.

AMI CPD Scheme

CPD is a long-term commitment to enhancing your competence, and as an AMI member, you will need to manage your own professional development, as maintaining your CPD is a requirement for AMI members.

Why is CPD important?

Being a professional means that you have a responsibility to keep your skills and  knowledge up to date. CPD should be used to maintain your professional competency and fill in the gaps in your knowledge, while building on your strengths.

As an AMI member, you are likely to have plenty of opportunities to keep your professional competence up to date – spending time at briefings, reading relevant publications, and going to conferences, presentations, and courses.

How does the AMI CPD Scheme work?

CPD activities must include a mixture of different types of learning, so you will need to carry out at least two different types of activity.

  • Work-based learning - for example, reflecting on experiences at work, considering feedback from service users or being a member of a committee.
  • Professional activity - for example, being involved in a professional body or giving a presentation at a conference.
  • Formal education - for example, going on formal courses or carrying out research.
  • Self-directed learning - for example, reading articles or books.

 Members need to achieve at least 10 points in any calendar year (1 January to 31 December), and achieve at least 5 core and 5 non-core CPD points, with all claimed CPD points gained from activities directly related to asbestos management. Details of the points gained from different types of learning are explained within the scheme guide.

Members are required to submit details of their CPD activities via the AMI member portal.

AMI CPD Scheme Guide

This guide includes examples of subject areas and activities that you can include in your records and gives advice on how to make your CPD as effective as possible.

 Download here