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30 April 2024

Celebrating Success: Highlights from the Second Annual General Meeting of AMI

The second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Asbestos Management Institute (AMI) took place on April 18th, 2024, marking another milestone for the organisation. With a significant turnout from members and non-members, the event proved to be a resounding success, showcasing achievements, honouring industry leaders, and delving into crucial topics.

Membership Growth and Financial Performance

A notable highlight of the AGM was the announcement of a 30% increase in AMI membership, indicating a growing interest and engagement within the asbestos management community. This growth underscores the importance of AMI's mission and the value it provides to professionals in the field.

AMI Honorary Fellow Award

During the 2nd AMI AGM, the first-ever AMI Honorary Fellow award was presented to Steve Sadley, Chief Executive of the Asbestos Management Institute. This prestigious honour recognises individuals with distinguished careers who have made significant contributions to the asbestos removal and management industry, as well as the advancement of the Institute. Steve's leadership and dedication to the industry exemplify the values that AMI stands for.

Agenda Highlights

The AGM agenda featured insightful presentations on various critical topics:

Building Safety Regulations and Installer Competence: Faye Burnett from the Mace Group & CLC delivered a comprehensive presentation on the Building Safety Regulations and introduced the Installer Competence Super Sectors Introduction. Emphasising the importance of asbestos competence frameworks, Faye shed light on future initiatives such as the competence hub launch.

Female Analyst Working Group: Justine Ivory provided an overview of the Female Analyst Working Group, addressing issues such as the DCU (Decontamination Unit) challenges and the potential implementation of a Respect Charter. This presentation offered valuable insights into addressing gender-specific challenges in the asbestos analytical industry.

Working Minds Campaign: Jennie Atkins from the Health & Safety Executive discussed the Working Minds Campaign, focusing on the prevention of work-related stress in the construction sector. Her presentation highlighted the campaign's objectives and the array of resources available to support mental well-being in the workplace.

DCU Safety Innovations: Andrew Johnston from SMH Products Ltd highlighted the importance of personal safety, particularly concerning DCU safety innovations. His presentation underscored the significance of adopting innovative solutions to enhance workplace safety standards.

As we look forward, AMI remains dedicated to providing valuable resources and hosting impactful events and webinars for asbestos professionals. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming initiatives and opportunities to connect with industry experts.

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